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The Wisdom Weaver - EPUB (Nook)

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The Wisdom Weaver - EPUB (Nook)
The Wisdom Weaver - EPUB (Nook)
The Wisdom Weaver - EPUB (Nook)
The Wisdom Weaver - EPUB (Nook)
The Wisdom Weaver - EPUB (Nook)
The Wisdom Weaver - EPUB (Nook)

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The Wisdom Weaver - EPUB (Nook)

Model Number: downloadTWW1EPUB
The Wisdom Weaver is Wayne Gustafson's second novel. Set in ancient Egypt, the story follows a young female Israelite slave left behind at the Exodus. She becomes a student in an Oracle School in a goddess temple.

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Imagine a young female Hebrew slave inadvertently left behind in Egypt when Moses leads her family and her people to freedom, who by means of her incipient mystical abilities becomes a student in a goddess-based oracle school.

Imagine her difficulty finding herself, her love, and her life’s journey in that radically different world.

Imagine the impact of the wisdom goddess, Neith, on the development of her Hebrew identity.

Imagine ancient stories that offer up new insights when seen from the unique perspectives generated by her mystical trances.

And imagine a story where love is for giving, not possessing, where power is transformed by wisdom, and where enemies are respected and redeemed, not destroyed.

Such is the story of Marah, The Wisdom Weaver, in this new novel by Wayne E. Gustafson, author of Community of Promise: The Untold Story of Moses.
* * *
Feminist wisdom has always been around, but in a patriarchal world it has needed to remain hidden. We can be grateful that women such as the followers of Neith thousands of years ago have kept it alive and have used it judiciously and subtly to influence human development and understanding.
This life-affirming feminist wisdom is re-emerging into the light in the twenty-first century.

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